from the don to the humber

by pixie moonshine

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recorded right before beginning my adventure in the UK. all songs were written while living in regent park (next to the don) or in weston (next to the humber) in toronto, canada


released December 5, 2012

all songs written by pixie moonshine. copyright 2012 wombat ending.
recorded, mixed and mastered by derek edwards.
guitars, vocals, cello- pixie moonshine
additional vocals- joel dalton and derek edwards
art by pixie moonshine



all rights reserved


pixie moonshine Toronto, Ontario

former songwriter for prog-grunge band tripping hazard, pixie moonshine makes music best suited to lying in a field not-quite naked and not-quite drunk. her songs are often bitter, but frosted with sunshine and full of sticky soul.

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Track Name: taking chances
sweat is covering us now
breathing synchronized and slowing
in your arms, i feel alive
lying naked half-awake

i still shake from every touch
unfamiliar and tentative
i lean in for another taste
i sleep better when you stay

i don't know what this is
i'm saying stupid shit and taking chances
i must be patient, i must be quiet
cuz i don't want a bitter end

early morning skin on skin
only moments 'til we're turning on
in the blinding sun
i want you more than i should

i'm letting you in
i'm terrified
but i don't want to turn away
Track Name: as slow as we can
there are many more minutes left to go
but i won't be counting down alone

i am more alive
lines and lives become entwined

listen to you breathe for hours
chemical beneath the covers
stay close to me a little longer
we'll be alright

i am twice my size
lines and lives become entwined

warmed by the heat of skin and kind words
heads resting in that perfect hollow
i promise it will be worthwhile
and we'll take it slow as we can
Track Name: good girl
lookin' at all this destruction
i wanna feed with you on the forbidden

lyin' in all these different beds
overhung and weight
get on, get off

words read, locked and memorized
easily tempted but i won't regret it

bruised, pale skin under cheap lights
can't get what i want so i take what i can get

when i feel alright, it's wrong
well i feel alright

image, sweat and sound
turn it up and feel it out

i've never been a very good girl
choke on drunk lust
trusting dumb luck

when i feel alright, it's wrong
when i feel alright, it's wrong
well i'm alright, it feels so right
it can't be wrong
Track Name: unsteady
you promised you'd stay by my side
'til i hit solid ground
i watch the seasons change
and i hope your mind does the same
i want you to stay

every hour of morning
only sunbeams between us
you kiss my shoulders
and i pray it will never be over
because i've never had better

maybe i just want to live in a cabin
have fifteen kids and a lumberjack for a husband
but right now all i need is my guitar and a bottle of whiskey
and your strong hands holding onto mine

i hold my breath, i hold my tongue
like the weather you get warmer
and i'm burning like the sun
maybe if i'm good you won't have to be afraid
to love me back
Track Name: ghost
i know i've seen the ghost
a piece of you and i

there's nothing inside me
just stone

i know i've seen the ghost
red wine running down my thighs

an empty home

i know i've seen the ghost
our dreams turn to dust
Track Name: those stucco walls
blinding sunlight hits your skin
a leg slung over your bare hip
and i know i wouldn't want to see another face

wrap myself in your strong arms
we've memorized all the very best spots
and i know i wouldn't want to see another face

gentle words and clear blue eyes
lips on shoulders, bodies entwined
and i know i wouldn't want to be any other place

the calm you've found in my storm
you make me feel like i am home
i wouldn't want to see another face
wish i could wake beside you every day

those stucco walls and a creaky bed
summer breezes floating in
and i know i wouldn't want to see another face
Track Name: the flat
draggin' my flat tire along the street
i wait for you at the corner
you're riding to my rescue, like nothing's changed
nostalgia hits me like a truck

sunlight bounces off pint glasses in our old neighbourhood
everything's familiar, everything's in tune
i'm not wanting to go back in time
but i'm sorry i took you for granted when you were mine

i miss the certainty
but i'd never trade him for another man
he makes me glow from the inside out
but i don't know just where i stand

he tells me he's happy and lucky to have me
but there's still shadows and eggshells
i smile as he sleeps next to me at dawn
wondering if i'll ever be good enough for him

i was good enough for you
am i good enough for him?
Track Name: cruel dream
counting sleeps and it feels like weeks
and you don't even miss me
but i've got enough longing for both of us
yeah i've got enough longing for both of us

and i woke from a cruel dream
you had come to find me
and you held me close
then you promised me that you would never leave
you promised me that you would never leave

cold man
this wanting keeps me weak
wanting keeps me weak
cold man
this wanting keeps me weak
Track Name: panda
i know, i know, i should avert my eyes
but names like lights jump out and i can't look away
happiness turns to stone
waiting naked under your covers
mouth dry, no tears, but an ache in my skull

you say it's kind of hard and you're "cornered"
fresh words as sharp as razors
but you're lying to one of us
and i'll bet it's not your pretty panda girl

i must be a masochist
absorbing eyefuls of "i miss you"s and phrases i thought you saved for me
you're saying our connection is easy
you're happy and the kisses and compliments flow
i don't know what to believe any more

you say it's kind of hard and you're "cornered"
fresh words as sharp as razors
but you lied to one of us
and it wasn't your pretty panda girl
Track Name: easy
late-night walk, yeah, i've been drinking
no sober sense to help me shut my mouth
i've had so many worries on my mind
spillin' guts and tears 'til i am dry

question the situation right there in the street
you say you're happy and you want to stay
all at once i'm satisfied
i can finally breathe after all this time

happiness comes easy
when i know that you're not leaving
happiness comes easy
now i know that everything is fine

i'd been waiting, too scared to ask
fearing the worst, fearing winter's promise
your reassuring words, they heal me
don't break me now, cuz i believe you
Track Name: saint
i've changed the sheets, but i still wear your shirt
clinging to your smell
i try to rid these four walls of your presence
but reminders rise like cream to the top

it's hard to love and lose someone so fucking faultless
had my heart broken by a rich-kid jesus
he's such a sweet thing, such a good boy
he was a saint for a sinner like me
perfection fades and becomes replaced
with words like steel and an icy gaze
still friends rise to stone me in your defense

it's your hands i miss the most
and those shoulder kisses
my breath keeps catching in my throat
i choke on tears but you just walk on by
you used to grab me by the hips and pull me close

friends rise to stone me in your defense
Track Name: twenty-one eighty
this city no longer feels like home
betrayed by the view from the streetcar window
full of former friends, lovers and sad landmarks
old rusted remains and you're still alone in your car

i might be fleeing out the window to avoid a certain face
i might be crawling on my belly by the time i escape
three ninety-five, ten-twelve and six-seventy
kittens watching me tend to eggplants on the balcony

these streets, potholed like my heart
flying as fast as i can over my handlebars

i might be fleeing out the window to avoid a certain face
i might be crawling on my belly by the time i escape
albino cockroaches in silver, orange and blue
a nap in our sunny room or a pint of beer at boo's
Track Name: groundhog year
twenty eight and half awake at noon
the blue blue walls of my childhood bedroom
tissues and a test with two pink lines
traces of your skin, and a life left behind

i quit my job and i quit my life
you never loved me, but at least you didn't lie
except when you looked me in the eye that dark, drunk night
and you said that you're happy, it's easy and everything's alright

cover me in ink
i've got an empty womb
and a messy room
the thought of never holding you again
it makes me sick

groundhog year and i'm tired of starting over
it's the same bad dream with a different lover
and i'm not gonna stick around this time
i have learned from the past and it won't ever be fine

i can't bear to change the sheets that we last slept in
everything was different on that monday morning
i'm such a stupid girl for believing that i deserve you
stupider still, i'll be waiting for you when you come to
Track Name: cloves
we were moving forward, a search for a new home
picked a couple of names, sharing secrets 'til the sun rose
but it was all a lie
and everything i've lost in time, i've seen in her back pocket

i keep rewinding, the sun on her growing belly
the sparkle of the lake, outshined by the way he loves her
and he's waiting patiently
and i've always wanted to be loved the way that he loves her

livin' her days out like i always planned
her beautiful life, i wish it were mine
but this is what the ugly girls like me get
you can judge all you want, but you must know just what you've got
and i know envy just makes me less worthy of that kind of life
Track Name: keeper
don't you remember the wind blowing off the lake?
we slept close for hours on the porch swing, 'til they came out
and we celebrated the year with a bottle of wine a boat ride away

i'm still sad, but now i'm angry at the way you've erased me
you can't escape or delete me completely
because i existed, and i must have meant something to you

i don't think you could say that you've been loved any harder
now there's nothing but silence, even when i ask about alice
you fucked her during the worst month that we ever had

on the rocks by the light house, we watch the sun set over the city
my father said you were a keeper
i don't know what i've done so wrong